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INSETLAN is a new independent design brand, founded in Shenzhen, China. We specialize in international household goods. Design from INSETLAN is inspired by modern life and our products have unique beauty and practical value. We take details and user experience as the core and mix international popular style and Chinese style elements as the main melody to improve people's home experience.


INSETLAN is an organic combination of IN & SETLAN, INS for short. IN refers to a particular area and field and SETLAN is an old English word which means to live in peace. That means INSETLAN focuses on creating a comfortable life and aims to regain people's yearning for home life and explore the value pursuit of new life with its creative design on products.


The spiritual core of INSETLAN is focusing on modern life experience and products creation. When life has said goodbye to the old slow era and entered the new era of rapid development, it is hard for people to savor life carefully in the busy. Designers of INSETLAN are good at discovering the unique beauty in life, presenting the inspiration from life in the form of products and adding the beauty of life. In such a circular sequence, our brand pursues the idea of packaging life with creative products and improving home experience. Let’s discovering the beauty that life should have with our busy eyes.